PN00409 - 12v Gear Motor PWM Variable Speed 12vdc Gearmotor

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Drawing of the motor is HERE.

This is a brand new electric gear motor that has an extremely high torque and is speed adjustable with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulating) controller.  The gear motor is measured to be 7 inch long and the motor itself has a diameter of 2.5 inches.  Drive shaft is 10mm in diameter with 2 flats where flat to flat is 6mm.  The shaft has a threaded end that is to fit a M6 tightening nut.  Rated voltage of this gear motor is 13.5 VDC and maximum speed is 50 RPM.  Rated output load is 60 watts and output toruqe at 50 RPM is 6 N-m (4.4 ft-lb).  Mounting is based on M6 screw mounting.  The 12V DC PWM controller features a 5 inches(12.7 cm) long connection to its potentiometer.  The potentiometer has a on/off switch built-in with a knob.  An overload protection is set at 10 amps of current so the controller will shut down when such a current occurs.   There are connectors between the gear motor and the controller.  To run the gear motor in CW rotation, please connect motor's green connector to controller's red connector and motor's red connector to controller's black connector.  To run the gear motor in CCW rotation, please connect motor's green connector to controller's black connector and motor's red connector to controller's red connector.  The distance of the connection wires between the motor and the controller is 10 inches(25.4 cm).  The distance of the 12v connection wire is 46 in(116.8 cm) long.  


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    Posted by darwin stork on Mar 15th 2018

    Had a little issue with variable speed not working. Once it started, it is working well now