PN00211 - 10 RPM (Rotisserie) Gear Motor 12v Brushless DC (BLDC) 115V 230V Reversible Variable Speed


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A wiring diagram to set up on/off and reverse/forward can be downloaded HERE.

A wiring diagram to set up limit switches for this motor is HERE.

3D model can be obtained HERE.

Due to its low speed property and its variable speed feature.  This motor is ideal for a low speed rotisserie application.  For the rotisserie application, be sure to set up bearings specifically to hold up the weight of the meat so the motor is only to rotate the meat with minimum axial and radial loads.  Also, flexible couplings are highly recommended for a direct-drive set up.  Due to the nature of a BBQ rotisserie's high temperature environment, make sure the motor is placed far enough from the heat to prevent failures of the motor's mechanical or electrical components.  A fire wall should be considered to protect the motor.  This motor was tested with a 50kg (110lb) of weight with its variable speed feature at ease.  The 50kg (110lb) weight is to simulate a 50kg (110lb) hog/pig that is traditionally roasted with an outdoor BBQ rotisserie set up.  

This is a compact, single-phase, 115v ac to 230v ac input,  permanent magnet, BRUSHLESS gear motor with reversible, on/off, speed adjustable controls. Speed range varies depending on the shaft load.  Motor's maximum speed is 10 RPM. Rotation is reversible by a signal wire.  

This combination will be described in two parts: brushless dc gear motor and power adapter.

Brushless 12VDC Gear Motor:  24 N-m (17.7 ft-lb) torque at 10 RPM.  Permanent magnet rotor.  60mm x 60mm square motor with 56mm diameter gear box.  4 M5 threaded holes located at front for face mounting. Motor length is 6.75 inch (171mm) long and its controller is integrated as partof the motor.  Shaft is 12mm in diameter with a flat and is 1 inch (25.4mm) long.  The control line, which contains speed adjustment (with a pot soldered already), reversing signal wire, on/off signal wire, and signal ground wire, is 14 inch (356mm)long.  Connector line that is to connect to the power adapter is 14 inch (356mm) long.  Motor control is very simple.  To turn the motor on, simply disconnect the on/off (blue) wire to signal ground (black) wire.  A typical practice is to introduce a switch between the on/off wire and the ground wire.  To reverse the rotation of the motor, simply connect the reverse (white) wire to the same ground wire and the motor will reverse its rotation.  PLEASE BE SURE THAT THE MOTOR IS AT FULL STOP BEFORE REVERSING. To vary the speed, simply turn the potentiometer.

Power Adapter:  The power cord is 5 ft(152 cm) long and has a standard plug ready to plug into a standard appliance outlet.  The adapter is able to universally accept 115v ac or 230v ac.  Connector line that is to connect to the motor is 3 ft (91 cm) long.  Adapter's dimensions are 2.5 in(64mm) width by4.75in(121mm) length by 1.75in(44mm) depth.  

Here's an example of a weld turntable application using this motor.

Below are videos of some other applications: 

Note:  The above setup has a support bearing so there is not weight on the shaft of the motor itself.

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  • 5

    Posted by Dana on Oct 9th 2019

    Works Great! easy to set up. I am able to get consistent low RPMs for long periods of time with great torque. Very Happy.

  • 5
    10 rpm gear motor

    Posted by Martin Strand on Sep 3rd 2019

    This motor is the slow speed drive for my portable Rose Engine Lathe. I am very pleased with how it works and highly recommend it!