PN00113-VAR - Variable Speed High Torque 5 RPM Conveyor and Rotisserie Gear Motor 12V DC Reversible


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  • This coupling is designed for PN00113 so all the user has to do is to drill a straight 
pin hole, slightly larger than 0.25" (6.35mm), across either a shaft, a bar, or a pipe. 
A 0.25" diameter, quick-release pin is designed to easily secure the shaft/bar/tube. 
The coupling is designed to fit either a 1" OD structural tube, 1" diameter shaft, 
7/8" hexagonal bar, or 25mm OD shaft or pipe.
  • This brand new 12vdc power supply is able to output 17 amps of current continuously, perfect for 
running a project that requires a 12vdc input.  A convenient ON/OFF switch is located at the plug end 
of the power cord.  This power supply is RU (UL Recognized Components) Certified.

This unit accepts either 115vac or 230vac.  Dimensions of this unit are 9"x 5" x 1.5".

This is NOT a surplus or liquidated item.
  • Power Supply Plus Coupling Combo
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A pre-wired DPDT reverse switch part number SWDPDT10A is included with this motor.

Drawing of this motor is available HERE.

Due to its low speed and 12vdc features, this motor is ideal for a mobile rotisserie application. Other applications include display turntable, conveyor system, sign display, motorized fishing reel, and more.  For the rotisserie application, be sure to set up bearings specifically to hold up the weight of the meat so the motor is only to rotate the meat with minimum axial and radial loads. Also, flexible couplings are highly recommended for a direct-drive set up. Due to the nature of a BBQ rotisserie's high temperature environment, make sure the motor is placed far enough from the heat to prevent failures of the motor's mechanical or electrical components. A fire wall should be considered to protect the motor. This motor was tested with a 50kg (110lb) of weight with its 5rpm speed at ease. The 50kg (110lb) weight is to simulate a 50kg (110lb) hog/pig that is traditionally roasted with an outdoor BBQ rotisserie set up. Thanks to its 12vdc motor, it is possible to run this motor with a 12v battery.  

This is a 12v dc, permanent magnet gear motor with a variable speed controller. Motor's speed is 5 RPM maximum.

12VDC Gear Motor: 42 N-m (31 ft-lb) torque at 5 RPM. Permanent magnet stator. Overall envelope less shaft dimensions are 8.5 inches by 4.6 inches by 4.3 inches. Shaft dimensions are 15mm diameter by 50mm (2.0 inches) of length. The shaft is a D-shaft (shaft with a flat). Motor control is very simple. A variable speed controller is included so the user can adjust speed at ease.