PN00309 - 12v Brushless DC (BLDC) 115v 230v ac Gearmotor Reversible Variable Speed Drive 40RPM Maximum

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A wiring diagram to set up on/off and reverse/forward can be downloaded HERE.

A wiring diagram to set up limit switches for this motor is HERE.

3D model can be obtained HERE.

This is a compact, single-phase, 115v ac to 230v ac input,  permanent magnet, brushless gear motor with reversible, on/off, speed adjustable controls. Speed range varies depending on the shaft load. Motor's maximum speed is 38 RPM. Rotation is reversible by a signal wire.  This combination will be described in two parts: brushless dc gear motor and power adapter.

Brushless DC Gear Motor:  8.4 N-m (6.2 ft-lb) torque at 35 RPM.  Permanent magnet rotor.  60mm x 60mm square front.  4 M4 threaded holes located at front for face mounting.  Motor length is 6.5 inch (165mm) long and its controller is integrated as part of the motor.  Shaft is 8mm in diameter with a flat and is 1 inch (25.4mm) long.  The control line, which contains speed adjustment (with a pot soldered already), reversing signal wire, on/off signal wire, and signal ground wire, is 20 inch (508mm) long.  Connector line that is to connect to the power adapter is 20 inch (508mm) long.  Motor control is very simple.  To turn the motor OFF, simply connect the on/off (blue) wire to signal ground (black) wire.  A typical practice is to introduce a switch between the on/off wire and the ground wire, but one may decide to leave the on/off (blue) wire alone if on/off feature is not necessary.  To reverse the rotation of the motor, simply connect the reverse (white) wire to the same ground wire and the motor will reverse its rotation.  PLEASE BE SURE THAT THE MOTOR IS AT FULL STOP BEFORE REVERSING.

To vary the speed, simply turn the potentiometer.

Power Adapter:  The power cord is 5 ft(152 cm) long and has a standard plug ready to plug into a standard appliance outlet.  The adapter is able to universally accept 115v ac or 230v ac.  Connector line that is to connect to the motor is 3 ft (91 cm) long.  Adapter's dimensions are 2.5 in(64mm) width by 4.75in(121mm) length by 1.75in(44mm) depth.  


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    Runs great and is super quiet

    Posted by Gary on Feb 19th 2018

    So far so good. I'm still testing the motor, but it seems to run great. Would be nice if there was a way to access the hall sensors so I can read the rpm and control it with an arduino. I'll probably open it up and see if I can find it on the board.