PN00211-40-24V - BLDC Gear Motor 40RPM 24V High Torque Variable Speed Integral Controller


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Introducing our cutting-edge PN00211-40-24V BLDC Motor, a high-performance solution engineered for precision and durability. This advanced brushless DC motor is designed to meet the needs of demanding applications, offering superior control and efficiency.



  • Connect blue to black to brake. Disconnect to un-brake.
  • Connect white to black to reverse rotation.
  • Please see Wiring Diagram for more information.


Key Features:

  • 24V Input: Optimized for systems requiring a 24-volt setup, providing robust power and consistent operation.

  • BLDC Technology: The brushless DC design ensures high efficiency, longer life, and low maintenance, making it ideal for continuous use applications.

  • Integral Controller: Equipped with an in-built controller, facilitating seamless integration and easy management of motor functions.

  • Variable Speed Control: Adapt to a wide range of applications with variable speed capabilities, ensuring versatility and precision in operation.

  • 0-5V Analog Input Signal: Offers compatibility with a variety of external control systems, allowing for easy speed modulation based on a 0-5V input signal.

  • Built-in 5V Supply at 37mA: Features an integrated 5V power supply, capable of delivering up to 37mA, perfect for powering external sensors or small devices.

  • Electronic Brake Control: Enhances safety and precision with its electronic braking feature, allowing for quick and reliable stopping of the motor.

  • Reverse Control: Provides the flexibility of reverse functionality, extending the motor’s range of applications.

  • Planetary Gearbox with Metal Gears: The motor comes with a high-quality planetary gearbox, ensuring maximum torque transmission and durability with its robust metal gears.

  • 12mm D Shaft: Durable and robust 12mm D shaft design for reliable power transmission and compatibility with a wide range of attachments.

  • High Torque Output: Delivers a powerful rated torque of 11 N-m (8 ft-lb) at 40 RPM, perfect for applications requiring substantial force at lower speeds.

  • 4A Rated Current: Designed for optimal performance with a rated current of 4A, balancing power consumption and efficiency.

Ideal for industrial automation, robotics, and other applications where precision and reliability are paramount, this 24V BLDC motor with its integral controller and robust build is your go-to solution for high-performance needs.