PN00110-24 - 0.4 hp 3/8" Bore Hollow Shaft Brushless 24v DC (BLDC) Sensorless Motor 2500 RPM Variable Speed Reversible with Soft-start Feature


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Wiring diagram can be obtained HERE.
Wiring options of the controller can be found HERE.
Motor's dimensions can be obtained HERE.
Controller's dimensions can be obtained HERE.
3D Model can be obtained HERE.

The hollow shaft of this motor enables a maker to turn this unit to either a single-shaft or a double-shaft motor in whatever length he/she wants.  Speed controller is included.

Motor type:  Brushless DC
Voltage:  24 VDC
Rated Output:  300W (0.4 HP)
Rated Speed:  2500 RPM
Maximum Current:  15 A
Minimum Speed:  400 RPM
Control Features:  Variable speed, soft-start, electronic soft brake, reversible rotation
Mechanical Features:  Face-mount, hollow shaft to fit 3/8" shaft

Applications:  Brushless condenser fan motor, brushless blower motor, variable speed power tools, pump motor, variable speed mini lathe motor, spindle motor, ventilation fan motor, mixers.

WARNING:  Due to the fact that this is a brushless dc motor.  Please do not reverse the polarity of the speed controller's 24vdc input wire leads.  Please follow the wiring diagram for the correct connections.