PN01007-100 - 10mm 2-flat Shaft Electric Gear Motor 12v Low Speed 100 RPM Gearmotor DC


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  • L Bracket for PN01007 and PN01107 Series
  • This bracket is designed to fit PN01007 and PN01107 series.  Screws are included.
  • This brand new 12vdc power supply is able to output 17 amps of current continuously, perfect for 
running a project that requires a 12vdc input.  A convenient ON/OFF switch is located at the plug end 
of the power cord.  This power supply is RU (UL Recognized Components) Certified.

This unit accepts either 115vac or 230vac.  Dimensions of this unit are 9"x 5" x 1.5".

This is NOT a surplus or liquidated item.
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Drawing of the motor is HERE.
3D model can be obtained HERE.

Rated Voltage:  13.5 VDC

Rated Speed:  100 RPM
Rated Load:  60 Watts
Rated Torque:  3 N-m (2.2 ft-lb)
Mounting:  M6 screw holes
Shaft:  10mm shaft with 2 flats where flat to flat is 6.6mm and threaded end to fit a M6 tightening nut