PN00412 - ON/OFF Switch Option 12v dc 50 RPM gear motor with wireless remote control

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Drawing of the motor is HERE.

The gear motor is measured to be 7 inch long and the motor itself has a diameter of 2.5 inches. Rated voltage of this gear motor is 13.5 VDC and maximum speed is 50 RPM.  Rated output load is 60 watts and output toruqe at 50 RPM is 6 N-m (4.4 ft-lb).  Mounting is based on M6 screw mounting.

The wireless controller functions as a on/off switch on the 12v dc power source.  By pressing the button "on" once, the motor starts running continuously; by pressing the button "off" once, the motor stops running. Current rating is 15 amps.  Two transmitters (with batteries) are included in this package.  Wireless signal range is 100 ft.