PN00222 BLDC Motor 12V Integral Controller 2500 RPM Variable Speed 40W Output Power


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This compact 12V BLDC motor is a versatile and user-friendly solution for motor control. Its brushless DC design offers improved efficiency compared to traditional brushed motors. The integral controller, built-in 5V supply, 0-5V analog input, and ground wire make it simple to operate the motor with a 10-20k ohm potentiometer. The compact design and convenient control options make this motor a reliable and efficient choice for various applications.



  • Nominal 12.5 vdc 
  • Nominal current 5.5A
  • Rated Speed 2500 RPM
  • Rated Torque 130mN-m @ 2500 RPM
  • Accepts Analog 0-5v Input Signal
  • Active Low Reverse/Forward wire
  • Minimum Speed 600 RPM
  • Active Low STOP function signal wire (by connecting to GND)

To connect to a pot (potentiometer) for a manual control:


  1. Connect thin black wire 0V (GND) to your pot's GND.
  2. Connect thin yellow wire SIGNAL (IN) to your pot's Output.
  3. Connect thin red wire 5VDC to your pot's +Vcc.
  4. Introduce an on/off toggle switch between thin black wire and thin white wire REVERSE.  This will let you switch between CW and CCW rotations.
  5. Introduce an on/off toggle switch between thin black wire and thin blue wire STOP.  This will let you switch between stop and run functions