PN00218-CYT9 Dual-Channel 10A Motor Control Driver + Arduino IDE Compatible ATmega328 Microcontroller + Sensor Interfaces All-in-one Sumo Robot Board URC10


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  • USB Type A to Micro B
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This unit is essentially a Arduino IDE compatible board with a a dual channel motor driver built-in.  You don't even need to stack a shield to run two motors anymore.  This sumo robot controller board has digital and analog sensor interfaces, dual-channel 10A motor driver, and Arduino compatible microcontroller altogether.  It is perfect for building a robot or whatever motion and sensing controls you can think of at ease.  Sensors and motors are not included.  

Arduino + 10A Motor Driver + Sensors Interface



URC10 uses Atmega328P, which is the same microcontroller used on official Arduino Uno board. You can select Arduino/Genuino Uno in Arduino IDE software to develop your program.



  • Designed for up to 3kg sumo robot.
  • Arduino Uno compatible (ATmega328 microcontroller with Optiboot Bootloader).
  • Bi-directional control for two brushed DC motor.
  • Supported motor voltage (Vmotor/ Vin): DC8V to 25V
  • Maximum Motor Current: 10A continuous, 30A peak per channel.
  • Current limiting at 30A for each channel.
  • Buttons for motors quick testing
  • LEDs for motors output state.
  • Compatible with sign-magnitude and locked-antiphase PWM operation.
  • PWM frequency up to 20kHz.
  • Onboard 1A (maximum) 5V voltage regulator.
  • Onboard 500mA (maximum) 3.3V voltage regulator.
  • Pins' assignment:
    • D4, D5: Motor 1
    • D6, D7: Motor 2
    • D8, D9: Ultrasonic 1
    • D10, D11: Ultrasonic 2 (can be used for other digital I/Os)
    • D2, D3, D12, D13: Any digital sensors
    • A0-A5: Any analog sensors
    • 1x I2C port.
  • USB Micro-B & CH340 USB-Serial chip are used for program uploading.
  • No Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Dimension: 75.57mm x 99.7mm



User Manual



Building A Sumo Robot