PN00322 - EaserPulse Pro Dual-channel Motor Control Input Output Signal Converter Interface

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Introducing the PN00322 - your versatile solution for interfacing with signal inputs and outputs. Expertly engineered to seamlessly adapt with a variety of motor drivers, this product ensures optimal performance regardless of your specific motor type.

The robust capabilities of the PN00322 don't stop there. With the ability to handle up to two channels simultaneously, it's not just versatile, but highly efficient. Whether you are running a single channel or dual channels, the PN00322 is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Emphasizing its adaptability, the PN00322 bridges the gap between your requirements and motor driver specifications. Regardless of your application, it ensures compatibility and streamlined functionality, making it an essential tool for your motor driver interface needs. Experience the versatile performance of the PN00322 and explore new possibilities in your motor operations.





  • Handles motor drivers 7-55vdc, 50A maximum
  • Logic voltage pins 2-28v (IOB, IOA)
  • PWM 50/50 (0-48% forward, 48-52% stop, 52-100% reverse)
  • PWM/DIR (0-100%, DIR logic 2-28v)
  • Analog (0-5v)/DIR
  • Radio Control (PPM)
  • Analog Joystick (XY Bi-directional)
  • UART (3.3v)
  • Adjustable Acceleration/deceleration (soft start/stop)
  • Adjustable Current limit setting 4-50A
  • Voltage clamp
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • ENA enable/reset pin max logic voltage 4.3v
  • On-board 5v supply (200mA) 


  • PWM/DIR (0-100%) 3.3v logic voltage
  • PULSE/DIR for stepper motor drivers
  • Analog (0-5v)/DIR
  • ENA enable/reset pin max logic voltage 4.3v
  • On-board 5v supply (200mA)
  • UART RX/TX voltage 3.3v
  • Independent/mixed mode setting