PN00122ST RC Wireless Controller Kit 10 Channels Joystick PPM PWM/DIR Logic 3.3/5v Signal Outputs

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This is a wireless RC controller set.  A motor driver is still required to run the motor.

This versatile RC controller kit contains (1) transmitter, (2) receiver.  An MCU such as Arduino can interface with this RC controller via PWM/DIR and active-low logic level signals.  The receiver can output standard PPM for a PPM based motor controller or standard PWM/DIR for a standard H-bridge motor controller readily available in the market.  The joystick can operate mixed or independent modes.




  • 100m range
  • 2.5-3.3vdc operational voltage
  • 2 channels for the x-y analog joystick
  • 6 channels for the logic level (on/off) pins
  • 2 channels of PWM/DIR signal pins for the MCU (Arduino or Pi) mode
  • Standard variable speed mixed (rover) mode joystick controls
  • Standard variable speed independent mode joystick controls
  • Fixed speed momentary mode joystick controls
  • Fixed speed latch mode joystick controls


  • 5vdc operational voltage
  • Selectable 3.3/5vdc output logic voltage
  • 2 channels of PWM/DIR output signal pins for standard  motor drivers
  • 2 channels of PPM output signal pins for standard RC motor drivers
  • 6 channels of logic level output pins