PN00113-CPS - 5RPM Gear Motor 12VDC with Coupling and 12V Power Supply for 115/230VAC Outlet


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A pre-wired DPDT reverse switch part number SWDPDT10A is included with this motor.

Drawing of this motor is available HERE.

The motor is the same as PN00113-C but a power supply is added to this so the user may also run it with a standard 115/230VAC outlet.  The 12vdc power supply is able to output 17 amps of current continuously, perfect for running a project that requires a 12vdc input.  A convenient ON/OFF switch is located at the plug end.  Dimensions of the power supply are 9"x5"x1.5".

This is a 12v dc, permanent magnet gear motor with a variable speed controller. Motor's speed is 5 RPM maximum.

12VDC Gear Motor: 42 N-m (31 ft-lb) torque at 5 RPM. Permanent magnet stator. Overall envelope less shaft dimensions are 8.5 inches by 4.6 inches by 4.3 inches. Shaft dimensions are 15mm diameter by 50mm (2.0 inches) of length. The shaft is a D-shaft (shaft with a flat). Motor control is very simple. A variable speed controller is included so the user can adjust speed at ease.