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PN00218-DME3 Sabertooth 2x32 Dual 32A Motor Driver

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Sabertooth 2x32 is a dual channel motor driver capable of supplying 32 amps to two motors, with peak currents up to 64 amps per motor. It can be operated from radio control, analog, TTL serial or USB inputs. It uses regenerative drive and braking for efficient operation. A variety of operating modes including tank style mixing and automatic calibration allow most projects to work immediately out of the box.

In addition to the standard operating modes, Sabertooth 2x32 features additional signal inputs and power outputs, as well as enhanced configuration options.

User-defined operating modes allow for custom operation, such as switching between radio control and computer-driven inputs on the fly, emergency stops or front panel control overrides.

The auxiliary power outputs can be configured to allow the Sabertooth 2x32 to operate from a power supply without a parallel battery, or automatic control of electromagnetic brakes.

The state of the driver can be monitored in real time using the USB port in any operating mode, making debugging your project faster and easier. Sabertooth 2x32 is more flexible, robust and powerful than previous motor drivers, while also being easier to use.

Product Specs:

Model: Sabertooth 2x32
Specifications: 32A continuous, 64A peak per channel
6-30V nominal, 33.6V absolute maximum

Synchronous regenerative drive
Ultrasonic 30 kHz switching frequency
Thermal and overcurrent protection
Battery protection mode
USB control and monitoring
USB serial converter mode for Kangaroo x2
Configurable current limiting
Custom user modes
12-bit motor outputs

Input modes: analog, R/C, serial (plain text or packetized), USB

Power outputs can act as voltage clamps, brakes, or be controllable

Size: 2.75” x 3.5” x 1.0”
70 x 90 x 25 mm
Applications: Combat robots up to 100lb
Normal and hobby robots up to 300lb
Differential drive robots
Electric vehicles, ride-on toys, scooters

Easy speed/direction control for pumps, conveyors, automation and any application that uses two brushed DC motors


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