PN00218-CYT14 Motor Driver 2 Channels 30Amp 7V-35V DC SmartDriveDou MDDS30


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WARNING: The Cytron engineering team has discovered that some BECs sold online, claiming to be 5V supplies, are actually 6V. Please do not use supplies of 6V or higher in conjunction with the controller's 5V pin, as doing so will damage the MCU of the controller.

SmartDriveDuo-30 is a versatile and powerful motor driver for combat robots, capable of driving two DC brushed motors in independent or mixed mode with ease via RC signals. With a peak current support of 80Amps per channel (1 second) and a continuous current of 30Amps per channel, this motor driver is ideal for medium power motors.

SmartDriveDuo-30 is perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Combat robots, for driving multiple motors with precision and ease.
  2. Robotics and automation systems that require a mix of independent and combined motor control.
  3. RC vehicles, such as remote-controlled cars, boats, and aircraft.
  4. Industrial control and automation processes, for precise and responsive control of multiple motors.
  5. Agricultural and mining equipment, for smooth and efficient operation of multiple motors.
  6. Remote control lawn mowers, for easy and efficient control of cutting and moving.

This motor driver is smart enough to accept a control signal from:

  • RC (Radio Control)
  • PWM of microcontroller
  • Analog voltage of Potentiometer/Variable Resistor/Joystick
  • UART data of microcontroller

This motor driver is suited for a brushed dc motor with the following specifications:

  • Operating voltage from 7V to 35VDC
  • Rated Current <= 30A
  • Peak Current <= 80A


  • Bi-directional control for dual brushed DC motor
  • Support motor voltage from 7V to 35VDC
  • Maximum current up to 80A peak (1 second), 30A continuous, each channel
  • On board MOSFETs are switched at 18 KHz for quiet operation
  • Regenerative Braking
  • On board Error LEDs to indicate: (each channel)
    • Input Error (Blinks 2 times)
    • Under Voltage Warning (Blinks 3 times)
    • Over Voltage Protection (Blinks 4 times)
    • Over Temperature Protection (Blinks 5 times)
  • Thermal protection.
  • Current limit protection
  • Multiple input modes:
    • RC (Radio Control)
    • Analog voltage from potentiometer/variable resistor/joystick
    • PWM and DIR (sign-magnitude and locked-antiphase) from microcontroller
    • Serial Simplified or Serial Packetized from microcontroller
  • GROVE compatible connectors for control input
  • RC (Radio Control) friendly connectors
  • On board push buttons for fast test and manual operation
  • On board LED indicators for Error, RUN, Over current, motor output, for each channel
  • Dimension: 81.28mm(W) x 101.60mm (L) x 42mm (H)


User Manual

Arduino Library and Example (Github)

3D Model

Mounting Hole Dimensions:


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  • 5
    Great item for the price

    Posted by robt on Sep 27th 2023

    Purchased two for remoter control lawn mower. They are excellent. Needed two for four wheel drive.

  • 5
    Great item for the price

    Posted by Rob on Jul 3rd 2023

    Excellent choice

  • 5
    Motor drver

    Posted by Angel Diaz on May 29th 2023

    Great product....

  • 5
    Best controller for rc mower

    Posted by Terry Singh on Apr 24th 2023

    Easy to use and has features to test motors without rc controller hooked up.

  • 5

    Posted by Tory Cooper on Mar 12th 2023

    Really like this motor controller, having the dip switches to fine-tune it's operation and the ease in which I was able to connect it to an RC receiver made this motor controller the perfect fit for my robot.

  • 5

    Posted by Sean Nelson on Aug 27th 2022

    The MDDS30 was great. It looks clean and well made. It works exactly as advertised and made my build much easier. I had to return it because I needed bigger motors which will pull more current than the MDDS30 will support. I wish that was not the case. It was great to use.

  • 5
    Smartduo dual motor controller

    Posted by Paul on Aug 10th 2022

    Very happy with this product. Truly a plug-and-play device. I’m not savvy in the way of electronics and am stuck relying on reviews and directions and schematics. I literally hooked up both motors and the battery, plugged the R/C receiver in, and was up and running.

  • 5
    Motor driver

    Posted by Willie Baker on Jul 24th 2022

    This product works perfectly as described. it is decisive and strong. I did the job for the project for which i bought it, and i will buy another for my next project! Note : the cables were not included as in the picture.

  • 5
    Smart drive Lower wheels

    Posted by Ricardo Duran on Jul 15th 2022

    I installed this in a Wild thing power wheels that was practically given to me but it had a blown circuit board. Installed this motor driver and it’s so much fun, it can actually carry me, I can remote control the power wheels with an RC controller and I also added a joy stick. To switch nether en them I do have to plug two wires and flip a dip switch. But mainly use. Lots of fun, now I’m wondering where else can I use it.