PN00407 - Fan Motor, Brushless DC, 12v, Soft-start, Integral Controller, CW Rotation


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Drawing of this motor is HERE.

This single-speed brushless fan motor is designed as an upgrade to your electric fan assembly that currently uses a brush type motor for your condenser, oil cooler or radiator cooling systems. The advantage of using a brushless motor is there is no inrush current at each start. In fact, this motor has a soft start feature so each time when it starts, it does not jump right to its full speed, but instead, it gradually accelerates up to its maximum speed.

Please review the dimensional drawing carefully. You may need to fabricate some spacers to a correct height in order for this motor to fit your fan assembly properly. Please also make sure the motor you intend to replace is based on clockwise rotation.

Due to the fact that this is a brushless dc motor, pay attention to your polarity connections. Red wire is to connect to the positive 12v dc of your power source, black wire is to connect to the negative terminal of your power source. Reverse polarity will damage the electronic controller of the motor.

Features: soft-start, integral speed controller, 12v brushless dc, efficiency 80%, no inrush current, output up to 130 watts at 2500RPM. No load speed is 3800RPM, clockwise rotation, tightening nut is included.