PN00219 - Compact Grease-lubricated Dual Output Shaft Gearbox 20 to 1 Worm Gear Speed Reducer

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This compact and quiet gearbox is perfect for many small robotic projects.  Input and output shafts are supported by ball bearings.  Aluminum housing makes this reducer light and structurally strong.


  • Gear Type:  Worm Gear
  • Speed Reduction Ratio:  19.5 to 1
  • Maximum Output Torque:  7.8 N-m (5.8 ft-lb)
  • Input Shaft's Diameter:  8mm
  • Output Shaft's Diameter:  10mm
  • Support Bearings:  Ball Bearings
  • Housing Construction:  Aluminum
  • Grease-lubricated
  • Very Quiet Operation
  • Double Shaft Outputs