PN00218-BSM4 RoboClaw 2x30A Motor Driver Speed Controller 6-34VDC


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The RoboClaw 2x30A is an intelligent motor controller designed to control two brushed DC motors at 30 Amps continuous with up to 60 Amps peak per channel. It can be controlled from USB, RC radio, PWM, TTL serial, analog and microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

RoboClaw automatically supports 3.3V or 5V logic levels, travel limit switches, home switches, emergency stop switches, power supplies, braking systems and contactors. Power supplies can be used by enabling the built in voltage clamping control feature. A built-in switching mode BEC supplies 5VDC at up to 3 Amps for powering user devices.

Brushed DC motors can be controlled in open or closed loop using position or velocity control modes. RoboClaw features several built-in commands for controlling acceleration, deceleration, distance, speed, current sense, voltage limits and more. RC and analog control modes also include several user defined settings such as acceleration and decelerate speeds.

Dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second are supported and can be auto tuned using Motion Studio which is a free downloadable application. In addition, a wide range of sensor inputs including potentiometers and absolute encoders are supported. RoboClaw's closed loop functionality creates absolute control over speed, velocity and direction regardless of load changes.

RoboClaw incorporates several protection features including temperature, current, over voltage and under voltage limits. The protection features are self monitoring and protect RoboClaw from damage in any operating condition. Several user definable settings such as maximum current limit, maximum and minimum battery voltages are provided for more refined control.

RoboClaw's regenerative capabilities will charge a supply battery during slow down or breaking. It's advance circuitry can change direction during full throttle without damage! RoboClaw also incorporates a LiPo cutoff mode to prevent battery damage.


  • Motor Channels2
  • Bridge Channels
  • Peak Current per Channe 60A
  • Continuous Current per Channe 30A
  • Bridged Channels Peak Current 120A
  • Bridged Channels Continuous Current 60A
  • Max Voltage 34 VDC
  • BEC5 VDC @ 3Amps
  • 3.3V Safe Outputs
  • 5V Tolerant Inputs
  • Quadrature Encoders
  • Absolute Encoders
  • Encoder Auto Tune
  • Thermal Protection
  • Current Sense
  • User Selectable Peak Current
  • Battery Protection
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Self Diagnostics
  • USB
  • Analog
  • RS232
  • RC Pulse
  • Position Control Mode
  • Velocity Control Mode
  • Motor Type:  Brushed DC
  • Dimensions: 74mm x W: 52mm x H: 17mm
  • Heat Sink:  Top Mounted Fins
  • Convection Cooling