PN00110-24 - 0.4 hp 3/8" Bore Hollow Shaft Brushless 24v DC (BLDC) Fan Blower Motor 2500 RPM Variable Speed Reversible with Soft-start Feature

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Wiring diagram can be obtained HERE.
Motor's dimensions can be obtained HERE.
Controller's dimensions can be obtained HERE.

The hollow shaft of this motor enables a maker to turn this unit to either a single-shaft or a double-shaft motor in whatever length he/she wants.  Speed controller is included.

Motor type:  Brushless DC
Voltage:  24 VDC
Rated Output:  300W (0.4 HP)
Rated Speed:  2500 RPM
Maximum Current:  15 A
Minimum Speed:  400 RPM
Control Features:  Variable speed, soft-start, electronic soft brake, reversible rotation
Mechanical Features:  Face-mount, hollow shaft to fit 3/8" shaft

Applications:  Brushless condenser fan motor, brushless blower motor, variable speed power tools, pump motor, variable speed mini lathe motor, spindle motor, ventilation fan motor, mixers.

WARNING:  Due to the fact that this is a brushless dc motor.  Please do not reverse the polarity of the speed controller's 12vdc input wire leads.  Please follow the wiring diagram for the correct connections.