Brushed 10-40V 20A DC Motor Servo Control Driver Closed-Loop-Feedback


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This dc servo motor driver/controller features both position and velocity control options and a closed-loop feedback system for consistent and precise automation/robotics operation.







  • 10-40vdc
  • 20A rated current (15A default setting)
  • Digital display for settings and error codes
  • Closed-loop-feedback position and velocity controls
  • Standard pulse/dir for the position control
  • Analog/PWM signal for the velocity control
  • Serial communication via USB or Rx/Tx.  
  • Current limit, voltage and temperature protections
  • On-board configurations and programming with display
  • Requires TTL (A+ B+) incremental encoder


Video Instructions:

How to calibrate PN00221 with PN00321's 1000 PPR encoder

How to set the position/pulse control mode. 

How to set up the number of turns each time when the test button is pressed.
In this case, setting from 2 turns to 10 turns per press.

How to run serial commands via PuTTY terminal